5 Reasons You Should Try M'OISHÎ, The Leading Mochi Ice Cream in Dubai & UAE

Word of truth: I am not here to start a war, I am just trying to set things straight. Allow me to make one fact crystal clear: those who have not experienced M’OISHÎ ice cream cannot really say they have tried ice cream. For those who don’t know it yet, M'OISHÎ is a Dubai based provider of Japanese ice cream – the mochi ice cream – which consists of a smooth rice dough wrapping an irresistible ice cream.

Food, all kinds of food, is a work of art. Art is creation, innovation, dedication…Food art in particular is a creation that involves 4 of 5 senses: the touch, the look, the smell and most importantly the taste. Now here are five strong reasons why you should try M'OISHÎ (if you haven’t yet):

Experience. Excellent ice cream is an experience, not just a treat or a dessert!  Our chefs are experts in mochi ice cream making. The rice is pounded into a pasty texture then molded into a round shape before being wrapped around ice cream. Our creations give rise to a mix of emotions: happiness, satisfaction and even “positive confusion” as you are exploring a whole new culture and heritage of ice cream whether in terms of flavors and taste, look and colors, the touch, the smell.

Indulgence. M’OISHÎ ice cream is not a treat for those who simply feel like eating ice cream or something sweet. It is for those who love to indulge themselves in an unmatched experience during which they cannot but distinguish different textures and flavors, an experience with a pleasurable aftertaste that leaves them wondering.  

Creation. Choosing a creation to start with is not easy, trust me, but let me start with the hidden treasures as I am sure not everyone knows what Yuzu means. It is a rice dough wrapping yuzu ice cream and yuzu is the Japanese lemon; no it is not like any other lemon, simply fresh, juicy and toothsome. Matcha Green Tea, yes tea! Matcha Green is the finest Japanese tea and we all know that tea is a sign of elegance and classiness; so just imagine classiness perfectly pairing with succulence, needless to say more. Now let’s move to Date; let me put it this way: a cultural exchange, between Arab and Japanese tastes, that never tasted so good! Lychee; well when something is rare, we know it is exceptional, unique and first-class. Lychee is rare, so is our creation.

Change of perspective. Yes, you can find coconut, chocolate, mango, vanilla, pomegranate and strawberry ice cream everywhere. Comparison, however, is out of question. Why? Because our coconut mochi actually transports you to a tropical island, our chocolate mochi radically changes your perspective, our mango mochi redefines mango, our vanilla mochi with rice cake is a killer combination, our pomegranate mochi gives a whole new meaning to pomegranate and finally our strawberry mochi marks the end of strawberry world as we know it! You may wonder why I am that confident, simply thanks to craftsmanship, dedication and innovation.

Quality. Not only our fruits are hand-picked, so are the ingredients and even rice seeds we use. Settling for less premium, less than best, less than healthiest, less than perfect is never an option. We are equally picky and sophisticated when it comes to the preparation process. We also handpick M’OISHÎ family members and only choose those who best reflect our passion, artistry and values.

M’OISHÎ not only passes the quality, the look, the taste and the smell checks, it nails them. And better yet, it strives not only to satisfy senses, it is after souls' satisfaction. Again I never meant to start a war, I just wanted the whole world to get the chance to enjoy our mochi ice cream as it is the culture of ice cream, redefined.  We, as children, all screamed and cried for ordinary ice cream and today as grown-ups, I assure you it is worth that same reaction because life is too short for boring ice cream.

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Thursday November 3, 2016

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