Why M’OISHÎ Ice Cream Is the Latest Sensation in Dubai and UAE

M’OISHÎ is the latest sensation in Dubai and UAE and undoubtedly the latest sensation in the world of ice cream, here's why…

A culture. I am sure you've all heard the famous quote "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." We disagree with this quote with all due respect to the author (who is unknown by the way).

The reason is quite simple, travel is not the only thing that makes you richer. M’OISHÎ ice cream undoubtedly makes you richer on so many levels. Why? Well, it is a culture, a destination, a getaway…and what makes it even better than travel is that it makes you richer instantaneously, with each and every delicate bite.

We all loved and love ice cream but what we’re talking about is something different. With M’OISHÎ ice cream, you get to experience and witness one beautiful and succulent aspect of the Japanese culture. Isn't travelling all about seeing, tasting and experiencing new things? Well, that's a given with M’OISHÎ ice cream. We assure those who haven't tasted it yet that they will see, taste and experience new sensations and emotions and for those who have, well you know what we’re talking about.

A real treat for taste buds. Take a moment to remember the last time you had an ice cream that left you hooked, that created in you the urge to reflect on appropriate adjectives to describe it…Well, we bet you’re trying quite hard by now…But that’s different with M’OISHÎ.

Food is one form of art, it shouldn't be boring. Allow us to convey a small bit of our succulent beauty. It is harmony embodied in a combination of velvety ice cream wrapped in a sweet rice dough, giving birth to a small orb of pure pleasure. It is a beautiful harmonious interaction between ingredients that you can feel with every bite. The taste, the way we would describe it, is mouthwatering, playful, satiating and daring.

M’OISHÎ ice cream gives you a taste of the world, not the one we currently live in but the one we all dream of. It helps you realize and embrace the hidden beauty of life, the beauty of the world! It actually prompts you to imagine the locals making it with pride. You soon become able to see things through their eyes.  

M’OISHÎ ice cream offers you a whole new horizon. Think about it, everything is becoming a routine in everyone's daily life and now you have the chance to start breaking the routine with the one of things that we all hold dear to our hearts since childhood. It is with a simple new satisfaction that a person starts embracing the new horizons of life, go ahead seek that new satisfaction to start changing the old you, your old life, by entering the exciting universe of mochi ice cream.

And hey, have you ever imagined that an ice cream destination could be beautiful, romantic and rich enough to go to on your romantic dates? Well, M’OISHÎ ice cream is one. In our humble, but confident, opinion M’OISHÎ ice cream is one elegant, classy and fun option to opt for. Get creative!

Finally, we sincerely believe that the day has come when the use of the term "ice cream" should be restricted to real ice cream like M’OISHÎ…Try it only once and your concept of “ice cream” will go to a whole new level.

Friday December 9, 2016

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