Why Moishi is Your Top Mochi Ice Cream Supplier in Dubai and UAE

Because we're talking handmade, dense, daring and proper ice cream…and no, none of those you ever tasted…

Because Moishi ice cream is a retreat for discerning palates and artistic souls, because Moishi brings to light an exquisite array of fine and extravagant delights that artistically carry flavors with depth and complexity, because Moishi offers nothing but signature creations where each and every texture and flavor makes a statement. Because Moishi creations embody timeless elegance making a strong case for the power of contradiction and sophistication.

Simply because Moishi ice cream sets the stage for an authentic unique Japanese experience that is worth both your time and value. Because Moishi offers you the chance to explore one beautiful succulent aspect of Japan the best way possible. Because with Moishi you feel like royalty as it chooses nothing but very culturally rich creations.

Did you know that long years ago, Mochi was the desert of emperors and nobles only? Because with Moishi no one is better than you. Because with every bite, you discover the sweet side of Japan and the labor intensive process of making Moshi ice cream that best reflects dedication and handiwork put into the creation.

Because Moishi offers creations that are delight to the eyes, the taste buds and the soul. Because it offers an unmatched experience that satisfies all senses while taking the soul to a higher and different level of pleasure. With Moishi this pleasure is guaranteed as all the components of the experience are handpicked whether in terms of ingredients, display choices, staff and the choice of flavors.

Because Moishi creations are not regular commercial ice cream. All Moishi delights are made of high quality fresh and natural ingredients directly acquired from Mother Nature and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Lower cost of production is never an option for Moishi because it strives to perfectly do justice to Moshi ice cream art, the Japanese culture and the "bons vivants". Each ingredient is handpicked and every piece is handcrafted.

Because Moishi creations never cease tipping the scales and because the famous saying: "never judge a book by its cover" is no longer applicable. As in the case of Moishi, the look is the very first indicator! A simple glance at one of our rounded gems tells you what to expect. Moishi pays high attention to every tiny detail that you may not notice but eventually you learn from the best how to notice such details; take it from an expert, take it from John Wooden: "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."  

Because Moishi is here to satisfy everyone's taste and widen their perspectives. Whether you're a coconut, chocolate, mango, vanilla, pomegranate or strawberry lover, get ready to see your favorite flavors through a different set of eyes. And get ready to look at life from another perspective and to learn that change is good with our marvelous and luscious Yuzu, Matcha Green, Date and Lychee masterpieces.

As in brief, Moishi offers art not ice cream, offers experiences not deserts and never settles for less than top everything because we always strive for never ending improvement!

Thursday January 5, 2017

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